More or Less Me

Every so often, new literary talents emerge with a voice of their own, wholly oblivious to any fashionable trend; their clarity and originality are their greatest virtues. This is the case with More or Less Me, a book that is the result of years of work by the author, newcomer Miquel Duran.

Written as an extended monologue, this novel tells the story of the everyday alienation felt by its main character, who is unable to involve himself emotionally with the world around him, or reconnect with his childhood. It is a feeling that all readers will have experienced at one time or another. In his world, moreover, reality tends to get tangled up with metaphor, until eventually it is impossible to tell one from the other.

On the Media

“This book annihilates the notion that every story has already been told. Each one of Miquel Duran’s comments could be the basis for a novel by an author with greater pretensions, greater experience and far less ability.”
Andreu Martín, writer

“A new author, young but with the wisdom of the ancients, who becomes legendary through to his new way of reading the old masters, from García Márquez to Salinger.
El Periódico

“I had never read anything like his work from any of my writing-class students. That was five years ago. Now it is an honour for me to be his publisher. Right from the start I knew this day would come. Long live Miquel Duran the writer, with his unique voice and curious gaze.”
Iolanda Batallé, writer and publisher

More or Less Me has all the characteristics that we demand of a good book: original without straying too far from tradition, so unpredictable that it is hard to ascribe a genre to it, mature and personal.”
El Periódico

“A singular, honest book, destined to make an impression on the reader.”
Bearn Culture Magazine

About the author

Miquel Duran has worked at MIT and he is now a researcher at Tel Aviv University. More or Less Me is his astonishing literary debut.