The Book of Small Unimportant Essential Beings written from notes taken by Milena Nonó and the field sketchbooks of Doctor Phantasticus, and compiled by Milena always at night, always by moonlight.

Who makes you think of your significant other at the very same time that (s)he’s thinking of you?
Who puts the dewdrops on the flowers before the sun comes up?
Who visits us at night and ruffles our hair while we sleep?

A beautiful bestiary of magical characters like nothing you’ve ever seen before. And this is the whole point: no one has ever seen them, even though they are involved with the most commonplace events of your life.

The delicate illustrations, the reinvented universe and the poetic sensibility of the text make this book a perfect gift for readers of all ages.

About Conrad Roset

Drawing is his passion and has been a constant feature of his life. He has worked for companies such as Zara, Adidas, Coca-Cola... And he has exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, London, Madrid and Barcelona.


Who is Milena Nonó?

Who is your favourite Mirabilia?
All of them! All of them! Phantasticus first of all, he taught me everything. But there are so many! Alethedhora drives me wild, she’s so… and Colombat! Da Vinci… I couldn’t choose one… People think that they’re just made up. But all the proof is there, in the books!

How many fingers have you got? And wings?
laughs) Fingers? You can count them (hides her hands under the table). And wings, well… you can’t count them! (laughs again, as if she’s said something impolite).