VIDA. Illustrated bestiary by Joana Santamans

A book that shows the extent to which art imitates nature.

A stunningly beautiful catalogue of nature and a tribute to life.

VIDA is a comprehensive book and an ideal gift. Over two hundred pages long, it is divided into sections on birds, butterflies, other insects and fish. Santamans’ hyper-realistic, clear style perfectly transmits the combination of precision and fascination we find so captivating in natural history treatises.

Accompanying Santamans’ illustrations are comments by her father, a farmer who lives a life that is perfectly integrated into nature rather than being fascinated by it. His texts are personal and scientifically valid.

VIDA is a genuine yet accessible art book that will delight anyone who loves nature or art and illustration.

About the author

Joana Santamans (Barcelona, 1977) has moved between the rural landscapes she knows and city life in Barcelona, London, New York and San Francisco – a cosmopolitan nature lover whose attitude shows in her work. She is a restless, creative observer who has made art her way of life, and a seeker of essences and feelings who likes beauty and simplicity.